Middle Eastern Moments: The People

The Middle East is a region that has captured our hearts and souls.  The hospitality, generosity and kindness of the people living in this ancient land is unimaginable, the ruins and crumbling sites are some of the oldest and most fascinating in the world and the food is flavourful and of great variety.

From the time you wake up in the morning to the last call to prayer in the evening, you will have experiences that will move you, change your life and make you realize that not everything we see and hear on the news is true.  There’s nowhere in the world where we have felt more welcomed than in the Middle East.  We traveled for 3 months in this enchanting land and will most definitely be back one day, hopefully soon.

This is part 1 of a 4 part series.  Here we’ll showcase some of the fantastic faces of the people we encountered while backpacking through Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

locals in lebanon
Relaxing In The Shade. Tripoli, Lebanon
nile river locals
A Stern Glance From The Nile River. Egypt
locals in kars
Hanging Out With Workers At A Honey Shop. Kars, Turkey
cherries in turkey
Cheery Cherry Vendor. Istanbul, Turkey
harran turkey
With New Friends. Harran, Turkey
vendor tripoli
A Streetside Vendor. Tripoli, Lebanon
local boys in luxor
Best Friends In The Desert. Luxor, Egypt
egypt boy
A Salesman. Along The Banks Of The Nile River, Egypt
siwa oasis
Invited In For Tea. Siwa Oasis, Egypt
kids at pyramids
At The Pyramids With A Group Of Local Kids. Giza, Egypt
egypt girl
Young Girl Lost In Thought. Dahab, Egypt
shearing sheep
Stay Still! Shearing Sheep. Van, Turkey
kids in Van turkey
Smiling For The Camera. Van, Turkey
turkish men diyarbakir turkey
Chats With A Friend. Diyarbakir, Turkey
tripoli lebanon
Local Men Hanging Out. Tripoli, Lebanon
sanliurfa market
Boys At The Market. Sanliurfa, Turkey
local girls jordan
Photo With Local Girls. Mt. Nebo, Jordan
local people egypt
Spending a Lazy Day In The Shade With Locals. Siwa Oasis, Egypt
welcome to egypt
The Friendly Welcome Of The Locals. Giza, Egypt
sheep shearing turkey
A Man Shearing His Sheep. Van, Turkey
local man waiting for bus turkey
Waiting For The Bus. Gaziantep, Turkey
bread factory lebanon
Bread Making Factory. Tripoli, Lebanon
lunch in turkey
Some Of The Many Generous People Who Treated Us To Lunch. Sanliurfa, Turkey
sanliurfa local
Taking A Break To Chat. Sanliurfa, Turkey
Selling Drinks For Hikers. Cappadocia, Turkey
sheesha smoking
Great Way To Spend An Afternoon. Mut, Egypt
siwa oasis
Picnic With A New Friend. Siwa Oasis, Egypt
siwa egypt
A Walk Home. Siwa Oasis, Egypt
kids in sanliurfa
Smiling Faces. Sanliurfa, Turkey
felucca boat
Jimmy The Felucca Captain. Journey Down The Nile River, Egypt

The people of this region are some of the friendliest we’ve ever met!  We couldn’t walk through a market, wait for a bus or wander through a silent desert without having local people come over and talk with us.  We challenge you to spend a full day walking around and not be invited in for tea, dinner or just a friendly chat.  Go, see for yourself.





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Middle Eastern Moments: The People

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